The Christian Calendar

Why follow the church calendar?

“When we celebrate family birthdays and anniversaries, our family imprints its life on us and reminds us of our family identity. The Christian year reminds us that Christ’s life is imprinted upon ours. We are part of God’s family and are also citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven… The Church year marks Christ’s birth, his temptation in the wilderness, his suffering, death and resurrection, and his ascension into heaven.” – Sue Careless, “Discovering the Book of Common Prayer: A Hands on Approach, Volume 1”

More than this, observing the calendar gives balance to our tendency to focus only on those aspects of our faith or only upon those readings of scripture that especially appeal to us. It pulls us into an annual experience of our salvation story, a story that is still unfolding (as we await the second coming of Christ), and one that we share with other believers across the ages and across the continents.

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