August 28: Augustine of Hippo

Augustine of Hippo, as depicted in the 17th century by Gerard Segers
Augustine of Hippo, as depicted in the 17th century by Gerard Segers. I suspect North African bishops did not actually look like this in the 5th century.

A Restless Saint:

“You (O Lord) have made man for Yourself
and restless is the human heart until it comes to rest in You”.

Chances are, you’ve heard these words before. They were written by Augustine (354-430) sixteen centuries ago – a man who knew all about the restlessness of the human heart. Augustine is one of the best-known saints of Church history, but he did a lot of wandering – and a lot of sinning – before he came to faith. Yet, once he had left all this behind, Augustine’s past equipped him in a unique way to serve the Church by defending and building up the faith.

(A free online study series on the saints of church history is available here. Augustine is #19. The series is geared towards teens, but can easily be adapted for adults.)

August 28 is the day in the Christian calendar on which we remember Augustine, thanking God for his life and example, and asking God to continue to guide and equip today’s Church with saints like him.

A prayer

Almighty and Merciful God,
Who by thy grace did raise up Augustine
to be a witness and defender of the Gospel in the Church;
We beseech thee to show forth in us the same grace;
that by Thy teaching we may know Thy Will,
and by Thy power we may also perform the same;
Through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
(Prayer taken from The Layman’s Book of Saints, Volume 3, by Gerard Sampson)

“Confessions” by Augustine of Hippo


August 28: Augustine of Hippo
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