Bosco Verticale (Milan, Italy)

Vertical Forest building of Milan
In spring, with all that pink blossom, the buildings are particularly striking.

The Vertical Forest of Milan:

Bosco Verticale is not a garden in any traditional sense, but it is wonderful nonetheless. The project is a feat of architecture and engineering which brings a “vertical forest” (the English translation of “bosco verticale”) to the congested city of Milan. Completed in 2014, these two residential towers have won numerous awards and attracted international attention.


Green and Sustainable

The passion for greening up urban spaces is not new, but it has certainly been gaining momentum in recent years. The idea was to construct sustainable buildings that would help clean the air and reintroduce habitat for wildlife to the city. The details are astonishing:

“Each tower houses 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 floral plants, which helps mitigate smog and produce oxygen… The 20,000 trees and plants in the buildings will convert approximately 44,000 pounds of carbon each year. With more than 90 species, the buildings’ biodiversity is expected to attract new bird and insect species to the city. It is also used to moderate temperatures in the building in the winter and summer, by shading the interiors from the sun and blocking harsh winds. The vegetation also protects the interior spaces from noise pollution and dust from street-level traffic.

“The building itself is self-sufficient by using renewable energy from solar panels and filtered waste water to sustain the buildings’ plant life. These green technology systems reduce the overall waste and carbon footprint of the towers.” (Wikipedia)

Similar projects have since been undertaken in other European cities. And while they are not easy to build – or cheap – they are inspiring.

Below is my pinterest board for Bosco Verticale. If you hover and scroll, you’ll find many images of this impressive project.

“Green Architecture”
A book by Philip Jodidio

Bosco Verticale (Milan, Italy)
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