Gustave Doré’s Bible Illustrations

Detail from Gustave Doré’s “Adam and Eve driven out of Eden”

The hard-working prodigy:

Gustave Doré (1832-1883) was born in north-eastern France near the German border. He was a child prodigy, showing an unusual aptitude for art at as early an age as 5. By the age of 16 he’d already begun his career. Though he died at the age of 51, Doré produced an astonishing volume and breadth of work during his life.

The Bible which featured his illustrations was published in 1865 in French, but very soon after reprinted in other languages and versions, including English.

Doré created his illustrations by wood engraving – a medium which lent itself well to the reproduction methods of the publishing industry at that time. His biblical scenes are filled with movement and emotion, but seek to accurately represent the place and time of the events.

Below is my pinterest board for Gustave Doré. If you hover and scroll, you’ll find many images of his beautiful work.

“The Doré Bible Illustrations”

Gustave Doré’s Bible Illustrations
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