Pressed Flowers

An Older Way of Doing Things:

The modern world is slowly waking to a renewed appreciation for an older way of doing things. Pastimes once though to be quaint are now perceived through a more appreciative lens. The wisdom and experience of long-gone generations somehow manages to take us by surprise, but it shouldn’t.

Back before there were 24-hour news cycles and click-bait culture, people knew how to breathe deep and focus. Spending time with an idea or a person or even a flower allows us to really see it, to come to understand its nuances and uniqueness. Where there is patience, lasting things are allowed the time they need to flourish.

Tactile Memories

Did you ever press flowers as a child? Perhaps you picked some wildflowers one idle summer day, placed them in a book, and then forgot about them for years. How did you feel when you found them again? Chances are you felt a quiet delight at the memory of placing them there so many years before. The warmth of the summer day on which they were picked can be experienced in our minds again for a moment.

I remember helping to clean my grandmother’s home after her death. Pressed flowers fell from the pages of her books when we took them from the shelves and fanned through the pages. It tugged at my heartstrings to think of her out in her garden selecting the very blossoms that I now held in my hands, dried and faded, but still very beautiful.

So it seems only right to me that modern generations are rediscovering an appreciation for this old pastime. Youtube tutorials abound. And pinterest is filled with hobbyists and professionals showcasing their beautiful creations. Below are a few images of pressed flowers to make your heart smile.

Below is my pinterest board for Pressed Flowers. If you hover and scroll, you’ll find many beautiful images.

Pressed Flowers