Rejoice, mortals! (Advent is coming)

“Albricias Mortales” – Rejoice, mortals!

This is a baroque piece by 18th century Mexican composer Manuel de Sumaya (sometimes spelled “Zumaya”). They were certainly making some very beautiful choral music in Mexico in the 1700s. This particular piece is dedicated to Mary, and combines orchestra and choir, giving us a taste of celebration. It fits in beautifully with the season of Advent because it points to the coming of Christ – not just his first coming, but also his second coming, for which we still wait with hope.

This is Chanticleer’s version of the piece (embedded video below). I find the icon display in the video distracting, so I’d suggest scrolling down and listening while considering the words. The text in Spanish with English translation is provided below.

As sung in Spanish:

¡Albricias, mortales! Que viene la aurora, y la noche triste parte vergonzosa.
¡Oigan! Que las aves cantan, con voces canoras, ya su luz saludan, que destierra sombras.
El ruiseñor diestro, dulcemente entona que esta aurora bella, los males mejora.
¡Que entone un jilguero, con voz sonorosa! Que el sol de justicia en la aurora asoma.
¡Que el cielo y la tierra, los mares, y rosas, hombres, peces, aves este oriente encomien!

1: La noche fue muy pesada, mas, corrida y vergonzosa,
viendo a esta aurora de gracia, con tantas luces se asombra.
2 (omitted): En al reloj de esperanzas, siglos se volvían las horas,
a los padres, más ya el día, los trae tan sagrada aurora.
3: Si Eva fue la noche triste, que al mundo causó congojas,
aquesta Aurora es la causa del día feliz, que se logra.
4: Ya se sosegó la lucha de Jacob, pues ve que asoma esta aurora,
que las paces anuncia de la discordia.

English translation:

Rejoice, mortals! For the dawn is coming, and the dismal night departs in shame.
Listen! For the birds are singing, with melodious voices; greeting the light that banishes all darkness.
The skillful nightingale sweetly chants that this beautiful dawn cures all ills.
Let a goldfinch sing with a resounding voice! For the sun of justice is rising with the dawn.
Let heaven and earth, seas, roses, men, fish, birds, at this coming sing praises!

1: The night was burdensome, but, bewildered and ashamed,
seeing this dawn of grace, it is astounded by so much light.
2 (omitted): If Eve was the gloomy night which caused the world distress,
this dawn is the cause of the coming of the joyful day.
3: On the clock of hope, the hours became centuries to the parents,
but now the day brings them a most sacred dawn.
4: Now Jacob’s struggle is over, for he can see arising this dawn,
which announces peace after discord.

“Mexican Baroque” Album
by Chanticleer

Rejoice, mortals! (Advent is coming)
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