I’m Still Yours

Sculpture of child sleeping in a hand - listen

“I’m Still Yours” by Kutless: When my life is not what I expected, The plans I made have failed; When there’s nothing left to steal me away, Will You be enough for me? Will my broken heart still sing? If I lost it all would my hands stay lifted To the God who gives and takes away? If You take it all, this life You’ve given Still my heart will sing to You. Even if You take it all away,Read more

A Meditation on Belonging

Woman carrying child - listen

“I Belong” by Kathryn Scott: Not angels nor demons, No power on earth or Heaven, Not distance nor danger, No trouble now or ever, Nothing can take me from Your great love. Forever this truth remains: I belong; I belong to You I belong; I belong to You Not hardship nor hunger, No pain or depth of sorrow, Not weakness nor failure, No broken dream or promise, Forever this truth remains: I belong; I belong to You I belong; IRead more


Child's hand in father's hand

God’s heart for the lost and lonely: Throughout all of scripture, God has shown a peculiar interest in caring for those who find themselves stranded, alone, and destitute. We see it in the miraculous conception of Isaac, in the redemption of Ruth, and in the parable of the prodigal son. We see it in the law that makes special provision for widows, orphans, aliens and slaves. I especially love the stories of God blessing infertile women with children. Each timeRead more