Japanese-style Garden

Shukkei-en, Hiroshima: Beauty from ashes

A wedding at Shukkei-en, Hiroshima. Source: Pinterest.

Hiroshima, then and now: If you’re like me and have little first-hand knowledge of Japan, the city of Hiroshima conjures up images of tragedy. As World War II was straining towards its conclusion in the summer of 1945, Hiroshima became the first city to be attacked with a nuclear bomb. The effects of this were disastrous and are well documented. But our purposes today are not to zero in on the devastation that human beings are so adept at causing.Read more

Monet’s Garden (Giverny, France)

Water lilies and bridge at Giverny. Source: Pinterest.

Monet’s most beautiful masterpiece: Claude Monet (1840-1926) is best remembered as French impressionist painter of beautiful landscapes and water lilies. But he is reputed to have said, “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Monet’s purchased a home in Giverny, France and took up residence there in 1883. The landscaping of the property, and the creation of his flower and water gardens quickly became a passion. The flower garden Nearest to the house is a flower garden named “Clos Normand.”Read more

Courances (Gâtinais, France)

Château de Courances (Gâtinais, France)

A quick historical note: This château and park in Gâtinais was built around 1630, and like many great houses of bygone eras, it is now open to the public – if only during designated times. The family originally belonging to the estate traced roots back to a royal secretary to the King in the 16th century. After its purchase by a Baron in 1872, the estate continued to thrive and change, being used as a hospital during WWI, and falling underRead more