The Sick List

Dying leaf

What first seemed quaint… The traditional church where I made my home for many years kept a “sick list.” People on their way into the service would write down the names of those they knew who were sick, suffering or otherwise in need of prayer. And at a certain point in the service, when a variety of intercessory prayers were offered‎, the names would be read out. The very first time I heard this done, my response was not somethingRead more


The praying hands of an older woman

A sea of faces and stories: The church where I work counts many wealthy and powerful people among its members. On a Sunday morning it is not unusual to find recognizable faces from the worlds of politics and finance there. In fact, people from every walk of life can be seen in those pews. There are those who slip in and speak to no one, and those who sit on every committee in the church. There are those who lookRead more

Children playing in our Father’s house

Church interior

When I sit in my church (and this is actually true of every time I sit in church), I find myself looking around me in wonder. That’s easy to do in my church because there is a great deal to wonder about – stained glass, beautiful choral music, incense – and every one of these things is a cause for delight, an invitation to participate with all my senses in the worship taking place there. I will never be aRead more