Renewing the Mind

Beautiful, worthwhile, noble

Monastery hallway

Illumination for today: Some years ago I was visiting an Anglican convent. There were many things to love about it. I loved the old building with its historic architecture and homey touches. I loved the enormous pear tree that grew in the courtyard. And I loved how it felt to walk at twilight down the illuminated corridor that ran from the Guest House to the Chapel. The sisters were a wise and jovial bunch, and they had rather brilliantly madeRead more

The dream, realized

African landscape

The dreams of childhood: I have always been a dreamer. As a child, I would become so engrossed in daydreams that one teacher, tired of calling my name and getting no response, sent me to have my hearing tested. (My hearing, it turns out, was fine). I remember imagining myself grown-up, and blissfully employed in useful work. All children play at being adults – and find joy in their make-believe housework or commute to the office. Somewhere along the road,Read more