Spiritual Warfare

October 20, 2019

Reflections for Trinity 18

What are you leaving out? Have you ever prayed the Litany? Traditional churches often say it twice annually, but not too long ago it was common to pray the Litany every week. This fell out of fashion around the same time that churches became wary of focusing on spiritual realities that might be perceived as “negative.” Well, if the Litany is not part of your church experience you may well be wondering what I’m going on about. The Litany isRead more

September 29: Michael and All Angels

“St. Michael,” by Raphael, c. 1505

Michaelmas: Spiritual corrective for the modern world: If you didn’t grow up in a liturgical tradition you may have heard of “Michaelmas” but never known to what it referred. It is, of course, the day in the Christian calendar on which we celebrate “Michael and All Angels”: September 29. C. S. Lewis once wrote that, “there are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other isRead more

A Pocketful of Puritans

Illustration from Pilgrim's Progress

A rediscovery underway: Puritans get a bad rap. When someone is casually referred to as a “puritan” these days the insinuation is not meant to be kind. And yet, the actual 16th and 17th century puritans were not pleasure-haters, but rather men and women of sincere faith, with much insight to offer to modern believers. And it seems many of us are waking up to this fact, rediscovering with pleasure writers that have been long out of print.   SeekingRead more

The dream, realized

African landscape

The dreams of childhood: I have always been a dreamer. As a child, I would become so engrossed in daydreams that one teacher, tired of calling my name and getting no response, sent me to have my hearing tested. (My hearing, it turns out, was fine). I remember imagining myself grown-up, and blissfully employed in useful work. All children play at being adults – and find joy in their make-believe housework or commute to the office. Somewhere along the road,Read more