A beautiful waterfall. Source: Pixabay
Goðafoss Waterfall in Iceland

What is it about flowing water that we love so much?

A waterfall is a simple thing. It happens where a stream or river flows to a point where there is a vertical drop in its course. And yet, this simple phenomenon – which occurs throughout the world in ways both modest and spectacular – never fails to delight us.

Water is precious and it is necessary to life. Flowing water in particular is a sign of freshness and purity. And perhaps somewhere in our unconscious minds we recognize in that something wholesome that we long for, beyond the water itself.

But waterfalls are also extravagantly beautiful. Some are powerful and awe-inspiring. Others skip along sweetly like children. But all give us a powerful image of a cup that “runneth over” (Psalm 23:5), a reminder that God provides generously for his children. This is true both in the ways that we are quick to recognize, and in the ones that we tend to forget until we are standing in the presence of something marvelous.

Below is my pinterest board for Waterfalls. If you hover and scroll, you’ll find many beautiful images of these natural phenomena.

“Waterfalls of Ontario”
by Mark Harris and George Fischer

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