Wisteria in bloom

A gorgeous climber:

I’ve always had a soft spot for wisteria. While it is in bloom it is simply one of the most beautiful plants in the world. It climbs, it cascades, it makes everything around it beautiful. This vigorous vine produces fragrant blooms of purple or white in the spring. And as part of the legume family, it shares the characteristic of being nitrogen-fixing, which is beneficial to other plants growing nearby.


Be prepared for size, weight and vigour

According to Wikipedia, the world’s largest wisteria is over an acre long and weighs 250 tons. That wisteria is located in California and was planted in 1894. While this is an extreme example, it shows that wisteria is vigorous, long-lived and can get very, very big.

Wisteria looks best when it climbs and cascades over walls, trees or other structures, but it’s important to make sure that whatever it is climbing on is strong. Wisteria, as we have seen, can get enormously heavy and collapse anything that is not up to carrying its weight. So use caution if planting it near your home.

Another note of warning

It should also be mentioned that the entire plant is toxic if ingested – both to humans and to their pets. Some areas have bylaws restricting its cultivation for this reason, so if you’re thinking of planting wisteria, you’ll want to do your homework first.

Below is my pinterest board for Wisteria. If you hover and scroll, you’ll find many beautiful images of these gorgeous plants.

“Wisteria: The Complete Guide”
by James Compton and Chris Lane

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